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Pilot. Or is that only for television series? Whatever, “Introduction” then.

I have so much to share that I even blanked out just now. Where to begin? Well, I’m 25, I have a soon to be 5-year-old son, and I’ve got a Fabio. Fabio is my ostomy. But let’s make one thing clear, WE DONT LIKE HIM. OKAY? Okay so, for those familiar with it, yeah… it sucks. For those who are not, lets just say it’s kind of odd. No, scratch that, it’s very odd. My small intestine is sticking out of my abdomen. Yup, just hanging out there, budding into business it does not belong in. Long story short, my colon was removed two years ago so I don’t necessarily function like the average person does. I was in total shock when I found out that this medical procedure was even possible. Removing such a major organ like that? WTF?? But I have to admit, it has saved my life… MANY times. I am starting a blog because I have so much on my mind. TOO MUCH. My life differs from those around me and I don’t personally know anyone with all of my medical conditions therefore it’s hard to express myself to my loved ones. Although they are very supportive, I sometimes need to vent wanting absolutely no response at all. I warn you, I’m an emotional wreck and I have more bad days than good ones so I have a lot of “FML” moments to share. I don’t sugarcoat anything because after all, I am writing about my life. My experiences, my feelings, my struggles and it all sucks, big time. But that is the beauty of being open to writing about my story. I hope to inspire and possibly connect with those who are ill and have difficulties dealing with it all. Know that you are not alone and there are many of us who have that cloud over our heads as well. Buy hey, we’re alive right? Kicking and screaming but we’re here. I wont get into detail now because truth be told, its 3 am and I have a headache the size of my extracted 6 foot long colon (the average colon is about 3 feet long… I know, gross); But I will explain who I am and what my life is about the next time that I’m here. This blog will be about illness, family, love, and my battle to cope with it all. We all have our clouds but like I said, we are still here for a reason. Until next time guys, off I go for a coffee break.

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