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My first diagnosis was in September, 2014. “Colonic Inertia” is what my doctor said I had. No idea what that was, but I finally had an answer. I had spent several months, almost a year, in testing and trial medications. I was growing more anxious by the day due to my symptoms, and the many doctors that said I was fine and that it was just “stress” related we’re just adding to my worries. Why couldn’t they find the cause?! The severity of my symptoms increased over time and after a while, they became chronic. It started off as mild constipation. A day without going to the bathroom, turned into days, then eventually weeks. 3 weeks without a single bowel movement and you’re going to tell me that it is related to stress? Of course I was stressed, I couldn’t go! I finally found a gastroenterologist that wanted to actually help me. The fact that im young convinced doctors that they should not continue treating me because they assumed that at my age, nothing serious could occur. WRONG. My current doctor found that I had a transit disorder in which my colon stopped working completely and would not allow stool to pass, which resulted in bloating, pain, and extreme vomiting episodes. This all began after I gave birth to my son about 5 years ago but as I mentioned, the symptoms worsened over time. In 2013, I went back to school and boy did I love it! I was obsessed with school and I would never miss a day. But I will never forget having to walk out in the middle of class to go find a bench somewhere and lay in the fetal position in excruciating pain. I would wait it out, for about an hour or so, but I would refuse to leave school. It was definitely interfering with my life as I would have to hand my son over to the person next to me so that I could drop to the ground and wrap my arms around my knees to wait for the pain to stop. Happy they found the problem? Of course… Upset at the treatment, very much so. I was told that my colon and most of my rectum had to be removed. A two-step surgery in which they would create something called a J-Pouch in order for me to function somewhat “normally” again. A J-Pouch is created by using the small intestine and then connecting it to the small part of my rectum that was left thus, allowing me to go the bathroom as the average person does. During the first surgery, the J-Pouch is created but needs time to heal. In order for that to happen, an ileostomy is created and becomes the main method of emptying the bowels. Or should I say bowel, haha. An ileostomy is when your small intestine is taken out through your abdomen and covered up with a disposable and drainable pouch that collects the body’s waste. There are different types of ostomies; Ileostomy which is made from the small intestine, Colostomy which is made from your colon, and Urostomy which is used on patients who are unable to urinate on their own. The ostomy can either be permanent or temporary but mine was temporary as it allowed my small intestine to properly heal without the interruptions from the bodys daily functions. My gastroenterologist referred me to a colorectal surgeon from Mount Sinai and after my first visit with him, he scheduled me for the first surgery. I was forced to withdrawal from school and I spent the holidays sobbing into my pillow because I was afraid. Afraid of everything because with my luck, everything always goes wrong. I am the youngest out of 5 and probably the most spoiled so my parents were crushed when they found out that I needed this whole procedure. I was probably the first one to undergo such complicated surgeries but the part that really sucks? I was right about everything going wrong. Anything and everything that one can possibly imagine, happened after surgery. But I will leave that for next time. Honestly, all of these memories still cause a bit of anxiety. I guess it’s the dates to be exact. The fact that it has been two years and my health has not improved. Instead, more complications have risen and as strong as I have been, I admit that I still want nothing more than to just give up. I’m actually at a medical appointment as I type, in the middle of  a 3 hour test. Story of my life…



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