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I finally named him. Yes, it’s a him.

Honestly, this shit is weird. Recovery is just taking forever & as I’m getting impatient, all I can do is wait & embrace it… right? Right. Well, every time I move my left arm, i feel the damn thing move & it still hurts so this really blows. I can’t fully lift my arm yet therefore I am not driving. Plus my symptoms suck because I get all dizzy & drowsy since I’m occasionally taking pain killers. I really didn’t know recovery was going to take this long. Not to be a Debbie downer but UGH! The device sticks out of my chest & is very visible & although it doesn’t bother me, it’s still a reminder of my condition. As if symptoms weren’t reminders enough lol -_- The scar is just another addition to my battle scars which I actually appreciate. & don’t get me wrong, I appreciate this device because it is helping to keep me alive basically, I’m just taking a while to adjust. It’s very heavy & when I move, I feel it move so I’m like “ahhhhhh beheodekeijcnejfnrhwkwkjfbwkshdhf” every single time! This is me … & I introduce my new internal little buddy, Bumblebee 😊

(Can you tell I’m a Transformers fan?)


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